Monday, May 2, 2011

Fun Facts About Solar Energy

Here are some interesting and fun facts on solar energy, solar energy supports all life on Earth is the root of almost all forms of energy we use.

By photosynthesis of green plants convert solar energy into chemical energy, which produces food, wood and biomass from which fossil fuels are derived.

The use of evaporation ponds to obtain salt from sea water is one of the oldest applications of solar energy.

Solar energy is a form of electromagnetic radiation from the sun that is converted into electrical energy on Earth.

The sun evaporates the water and then drop down to the ground and rushes down the river spinning hydroelectric plants that burn in the city, because it runs on the road to the sea.

The magic of solar energy was discovered in 1839 by a French scientist named Edmund Becquerel.

The 1950 product researchers Bell photovoltaic (PV), solar cells can convert four percent of the energy in sunlight directly into electricity.

Germany currently has more solar energy than any other country in the world.

Solar cells are energized all appliances to cars.

United States 93.9% of the energy consumed comes from renewable sources

U.S. source:

Renewable energy is not renewable

Oil 38.1% of biomass, 2.9%

Hydropower Coal 23.2 2.7%

Natural gas 22.9% Geothermal 0.3%

Wind uranium from 8.1% to 0.1%

Solar & Propane 1.7% Other 0.1%

The best fun facts on solar energy technology has changed rapidly in recent years, thanks in large residential solar panels, which cost thousands of dollars, and has been professionally fitted smaller lightweight units less expensive that cost less than $ 200 and can easily be installed on average, a homeowner with one or two days. So if you've ever considered adding solar power to reduce the price of electricity, but feared that the process can not be too hard and not worry about the process is fairly simple.


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