Saturday, March 26, 2011

Solar Electricity System

Limits For Sustainable Energy 

Over the past 100 years, mankind has used the power to reach the further evolution and improvement known to mankind. No one can deny the influence of electricity in the invention of new technologies in recent years. Electricity demand increases with the growth of the global economy and improving the lives of people around the world. Today, no one can live without electricity due to become a commodity. As you know electricity has occurred in the past from fossil fuels like coal and oil, the use of these resources to generate electricity in power plants, and more. As fossil fuel resources are very dangerous and lead to environmental destruction and perhaps the inhabitants of Earth, as well as unlimited, hence the need for the development of new energy has arrived, safe energy sources and cleaner, the new source is solar energy.

Photovoltaic system using the sun's energy use, directly or indirectly. In direct methods using solar energy, which is commonly known as solar cells, which are made of thin slices of crystalline gallium arsenide, silicon or other semiconductor materials to convert sunlight into electricity. A large number of these cells are combined in an array, the cost of solar electricity is very small, has dropped by 20-30 cents per kilowatt hour. This technique has long been used to provide electricity to satellites, orbiting satellites and deep space observing. Photovoltaics as an energy source for the long term, sustainable resource, because there are no mechanical parts, which, unlike the situation in electricity generation plants. The efficiency of these cells are very low, and also affects the time of day and seasonal variations.

In indirect methods, which generate electricity by concentrating sunlight to focus energy and heat of some fluids, such as boiling water to drive turbines. The common technology is the use of a parabolic trough, which is a linear parabolic reflector that concentrates solar energy onto a receiver placed at the focal line of the receiver. In the focal line of the receiver tube connected to the turbine is filled with liquid to absorb heat generated by concentrating solar energy. Solar power systems of this type have a higher yield because the sun is directly used. In addition, other technologies to enhance the efficiency of using solar dishes and solar towers.

Last day to say they have experienced the benefits of fossil fuels and realized its negative consequences. Support life on earth has a tendency to move towards sustainable energy use and clean. Why can not reproduce the plants to exploit the solar energy that we are intelligent beings here? The world must stop digging the earth and oceans and start looking toward the sky. The solar electricity is the way to achieve this goal.

The solar electricity systems needed to convert direct current into alternating current compatible to be used for commercial and domestic use.


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