Saturday, March 26, 2011


An increase in the world economy and an exponential increase on electricity requirements are as a result of an increase in world’s population. For many years electricity production plants have used fossil fuels as the prime mover to compel the generators that convert kinetic energy from the fossils to electrical energy. But it was not until it was realized that an increased consistent use of fossil fuels will not only deplete their supply but also leads to emission of gases that are harmful to the environment. Researchers have moved towards implementation of a safer and cleaner energy sources. One of the ways is to put into practical use of the massive and inexhaustible sun energy. This can be achieved through the use of solar radiations to control sun’s energy and generate electrical energy.
Use of solar panels has lead to the realization of acquisition of an alternative energy source that isn’t produced from fossil fuels. As a result of massive investments by various industries on the growth and study of this new skill as well as advocating for affordable solar panels production has brought the technology to the community and small scale industries.

The technology got a boost when the European countries spearheaded the inclusion of solar panel equipment while constructing a household and structure. Solar cell homes are gaining popularity in these countries and can be termed as eco-friendly households with the first major eco-friendly household being in Germany where over 5000 people use solar cell homes, specially designed to increase sun radiation on the rooftops.

More and more commercial industries are investing in the emerging and promising technology of solar energy. Households have also not been left behind in investing in the long term benefits of solar panels.

Solar cell homes are a step towards the implementation of the advocacy to protect the earth from further destruction.

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